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Broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform.

In this day and age a message must be entertaining and engaging in order to cut through the clutter of not only your individual competitors, but all that compete for your customers attention

Infotainment takes your message and makes it entertaining and engaging, but this does more than simply get ones attention. Infotainment also:

  • Breaks down barriers and puts people into a receiving information mode as opposed to blocking out your messaging
  • People Buy on emotion- not logic, Entertainment allows us to stir the emotions- raise the energy levels and get people to take action
  • People buy from people they like or companies they like- if you entertain your customers they like you more
  • If people are not engaged they do not retain the messaging- if they are engaged and entertained they will remember your messaging

Infotainment is used to not only to get peoples attention, but to deliver your message so that it is remembered, and to get people to take action at the end of the messaging.


About David Welzman

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The Instant rainmaker: Who is David Welzman & why are more CEO’s than ever relying on him to enhance their bottom line? Corporate Australia count on Infotainer to deliver trade show crowds and sales leads

He’s a human magnet whose ability to draw, enrapture, entertain and motivate a crowd is not only uncanny, but guaranteed-or his clients don’t pay.

Meet David Welzman, Australia’s first and only and original Corporate Infotainer.

Over the last decade, Welzman has become a veritable one-man industry – a pioneer in the fine art of instant rainmaking who not only entertains and motivates audiences, but invariably converts jaded strangers into potential revenue sources for the companies he represents.

Working perhaps the toughest rooms of them all – loud crowded. And distraction filled trade show floors – Welzman has become the most sought-after audience draw and sales motivator in the multi billion dollar exhibition industry. Indeed he is so remarkably adept at connecting on a human level with exhibition visitors that people with many other stands to visit nevertheless line up to see him again and again as if waiting for the front row tickets to the latest hot show on Broadway.

Working from the heart instead of from a script, Welzman brings a welcome dose of humanity into settings typically focused on products and profits, not people. Letting his audiences and clients feel they are the stars instead of him, he makes even the most technological-complex products seem accessible, even the most fundamental sales strategies seems fresh and even the loftiest corporate executive’s seem like old friends

A true performing Renaissance man, Welzman is not a magician, but instead part “perceptionist”, Part Illusionist and part psychologist. Yet a mere list of his skills belies the true essence of his highly specialized talent: an instinctive ability to touch the emotions of an audience – anywhere, anytime- through psychological and physiological skills he has mastered since first performing at the age of 21.

While othe companies are wasting small fortunes over decorating their trade show stands to attract attention, Welzman not only playing to unprecedented crowds, but prompting then to stick around after his presentation in order to talk business with his clients. While other companies are draining their funds on passionless outside sales consultants, Welzman is busy motivating sales teams through the universal language of human emotion.

No wonder Bruce Pattens of the Pattens group says we would not consider having a stand without Welzman.

What’s the secret to David Welzman’s success
then As he sees it, “people are overwhelmed by technology and superficial behaviour. I help them re-connect on a very human level through techniques that are as timeless as entertainment itself, but as timely as that moment’s presentation. Most of all, I make sure that even when an audience is watching me, my clients, their products and their sales teams are the centre of attention. After all, that’s why I’m there in the first place”