How to use the Infosalons Lead Tracker

12One of the biggest problems I see is the use or rather misuse of the Infosalons Leads Tracker

Before I create the -How to sell teachings it is important to know how to record leads.

Some statistics show that 70% of leads are not followed up- One of the reasons for this is that people scan a name badge and consider it a lead- when you get back to the office- all you have are contact details so it is effectively a cold call- you have to call them up to see if they are interested, what should be happening is you qualify at the stand before scanning and record the needs of the customer- so when you get back to the office you can take the customer to the next phase in your sales process.

The video below shows the infosalons lead tracker and how it is used, it is important to know that it comes with a few different generic lead qualifiers but you will want to get them to create custom options for you to tick. You have to ask them to do this, they don’t openly offer this. however from what I understand it is part of the price when you hire them.

In our next video training we will walk you through the pen and paper approach to lead generation.

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