Lead Generation What, when, who, how, and why

In order to effectively follow-up you need to know the Lead Generation What, when, who, and why.


What product or service are they interested in? If you’re selling cars- are they interested in a family car, or a sports car, or a car they can go on long distance trips on.



When do they desire to purchase your product or service and when do they want you to call them. They may be planning to have kids, so they may wish to have a car ver soon or much later, they might plan to have retirement in 3 months so plan to  purchase the car in a couple of months- you need to know when so that you don’t miss out on the sale


How did they hear about your services- did they stop at the stand because of your signage or did they see you in your pre show marketing



Who is the decision maker, Many times the Decision maker is not the one walking the exhibition- they might be back in the office or somewhere else in the exhibition- so in order to follow-up you need to know who to contact



Why are they purchasing your product or service- this allows you to better sell to their needs as opposed to selling blind, it allows you to provide better service and to reveal new or other services/products to the customer that they may not have been aware of.


This information is vital and quick to get, it is not time consuming to ask 5 simple questions and tick boxes on your lead generation form, 2 of the above- How while not important to make a sale- can help you find out the effectiveness of your marketing activities- instead of asking an open question such as where have you seen us- you might reduce it to have you read any articles in the following magazines or on TV

Now that you are back in the office- following up your leads you can contact the right person who, talk to them about their needs why, and talk to them about your solution what, you can also have the information to find out how effective your other marketing was how.

If all you do is collect contact details (business cards and name badges) you really cannot follow-up on the needs of the customers

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