Trade show Infotainment

It doesn’t matter who, or what your competitors bring with them to lure people to their stands; with Welzman & Associates representing your company, YOU WILL DOMINATE the trade show

Standing utop a 20 inch Riser, the charismatic Welzman uses his remarkable verbal skills and mind-control demonstrations to attract overflow crowds to your stand. Once there these crowds hear a persuasive Welzman-pitch about how your product (or service) will change their lives

2 Presentations per hour is standard but less shows is possible.. Each presentation lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. Each client gets their very own tailored trade show presentation

Promotions Magician

Welzman is Australia’s specialist in Promotional performance- where as ALL other entertainers who advertise they do promotional shows- ONLY ONE has documented experience and is booked time and time again. Promotional entertainment is used at- you guessed it promotional events- Events where you wish to draw a crowd or/and communicate a message via entertainment. Product launches to Gala dinners where the message is just as important as entertaining your guests- Welzman has the solution.

Conference, Training & Meeting Infotainment Presentations

Deliver your message with an engaging presentation. In Welzman’s Infotainment presentations he performs feats that appears to be supernatural in origin but with actually rely on mental agility and learnable skillsets that are easily transfered to other people. The presentation will teach audiences how to find out information about other people, plus deliver the conference/sales message all while the audience is engaged in a powerful and interactive performance.

Many presentations suffer from dull and boring presenters who are experts at what they do, yet fail to engage an audience and wake them out of apathy. During Welzman’s performance he features many of the strategies used to engage trade show traffic and communicate the message. Using a compelling synthesis of Magic, Mind reading and Psychology Welzman communicates your message so that it is received and remembered.

Team Building Sales Magic Lessons

Due to popular request we now teach sales teams Magic.

They say that the strength of your team is limited to the weakest member, so this workshop is more Individual building which will have a larger impact when working within the team. The magic taught will be of use:

  • At Sales meetings
  • At trade shows
  • At networking events
  • when doing a presentation at a meeting
  • To break the ice in new meetings

Most of the tricks taught have a messaging component,just like my trade show act- you can deliver a message as you entertain. Most of the tricks taught are considered closeup magic, however some can be used on stage to thousands of people. One trick can even be performed over the phone (which Welzman himself performed on radio to 180K audience all participating at the one time.)

Teambuilding workshops are tailored to your individual company, venue and number of people from 30 minutes to 3 hours in Duration