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You will also notice many testimonials from the same company because when you find the right strategy you keep using it. So many other infotainers have only 1 testimonial from a company yet they are never hired again. When you find the right strategy- you keep coming back

Dev Mehter Head of Marketing Oceana for Cyberoam 2013

We had David last year as well. this year we had no doubts about calling him back. Once again fantastic show-we had all the booths around us empty because they were all at our booth thanks to David. His trick his comedy his gimmick play a wonderful thing for us getting customers to the booth and not only that he speaks about the product which in innovative and very different from what others do People though he was apart of Cyberoam -he created a product information that anyone could understand. He is fantastic. You need to have him at your booth if you want the crowds-and if you want to raise the targets.

Urvendrasinh Gohil Head Of Marketing Middle east for Cyberoam

We heard of Welzmans Success at a different trade show for Cyberoam so we flew him to Dubai to see what he could do- we were not disapointed
This year we got 1500 leads, 250% more than last year.

This Year at Gitex we saw a difference in attraction and crowd pulling and liking to our brand for 1 reason- David Welzman.
This year what they saw was an all round entertainment from one of the most talented magicians we have found across the globe. This was not only entertainment for the people but also presenting information about a brand and updating customers on our new technology.
Rebooked the next year

Bruce Pattens (long time client)
Testimonial from first booking

Long time client: Bruce Pattens

Exhibitors who utilize the services of someone like David at tradeshows are one step ahead- We would not consider exhibiting without him.

All others we contacted before David were entertainers who’s services consisted of turning up on the day and doing their standard act. Welzman was like a consultant who held our hand through the trade show process and was with us pre show and at the show

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Barbara Sullivan Organiser of Import/export expo

Barbara is a show organiser, so while she never hired me- she has seen me at her own shows

The stand where David performs is always crowded; visitors are fascinated and confounded by his sleight of hand, but he also has an excellent manner of presentation which he has honed for this particular type of event. He makes his material and acts very relevant and tailored to the exhibitor’s business objectives and doesn’t merely do off-the-shelf routines. There is no question that he is a real crowd-puller.

Other exhibitors now try to book stands close to where David is performing, as they feel it increases the level of activity they experience on their stands.

Download the full PDF Testimonial

Tom Cumming
Marketing Elusion Electronic Cigarette

He was very professional, drew big crowds for us definitely upped our sales
It was a tremendous success, everyone loved him made everyone laugh and feel comfortable around our stand and we would love to use him again.

Dev Mehter Head of Marketing Oceana for Cyberoam 2012

We searched through many and selected David. What a fantastic Infotainer It was fantastic- the maximum crowds I would not have thought of having at Cebit was there at my stand and it was all thanks to David. He is the best you should use him.
RESULT: 409%increase in leads generated from 225 to over 900 leads in 3 days.

The Following 2 video testimonials are from companies exhibiting opposite my clients booth
It gives you a different perspective

Mike Karachini Exhibiting opposite Cyberoam in France

A unique testimonial and perspective. This comment is from the stand opposite my clients

Company exhibiting opposite Accor

Axis Testimonial
@ Security Expo Sydney 2013

Louise Perry Trade show Presenter

ICMI Speakers & Entertainers
at Sydney events showcase 2013

Claire Wearne Director of Marketing Accor

Karen Multer from the USA Speaks about Welzman in Dubai

Karen Multer (again)Speaks about Welzman in Sydney


Mike Crockam MPA Systems

Richard Hughes MD Swish event management

 We had David the Infotainer, Only stands only had 100 to 150 leads-With Welzmans help we had over 600 leads

Hahn Health care Recruitment at a conference

Urvendrasinh Gohil Head Of Marketing Middle east for Cyberoam rebooked