The Pen & Paper Lead generation Form in Trade Show Marketing

Creating the ultimate form to fill out, and what you will need . This video walks you through the layout of a generic lead generation form plus examples of other forms for different businesses. You will get a close up view of a lead generation form and why it is set up this way.

PDF Documents Examples of different lead forms:

Sample 1    Sample 2     Sample 3     Sample 4

  • When Creating a lead form you want to make it as fast as possible to fill out. Tick boxes are essential.
  • if a tick box can save you from writing- that’s good
  • At business shows you can get a business card and staple it to the form so you don’t have to write it down
  • At consumer shows, they don’t have a business card so they have to write it down
  • Best to hand it to the customer to fill out contact details- it’s faster and more accurate eg “did you say or” trust me it’s faster if they write it.

Help when the bulk of attendees don’t have business cards:

Many of these shows attendees are without business cards, there are a few ways to handle this. If you only have 3 questions to ask you can get them to fill out especially if you have a competition to win- “fill out the form and answer every question to have a chance to win” and you have these printed on small notepads and have many of these notepads available- I have used these at trade shows-where I have built a huge crowd and we have had 5 sales staff each holding one for the customer to fill out quickly- the note pad needs a hard backing to it- or you could offer a counter or mini tables.

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