Trade Show magician Australia Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Sydney Australia Trade Show Magician Welzman guarantees to solve the big 3 problems you face at your next trade show

or you don’t pay a cent

1:Generate more leads and more sales

Trade Show magician: A documented 250% to 600% increase in lead generation for our clients and we can do the same for you.

2:Stop & Engage more people at your booth

We not only build huge crowds at your stand- we educate the crowd and then pre-qualify the crowd for your sales team

3:Get Big results with less money

We give you a proven strategy that allow you to continually generate leads and reduce costs by not having to buy meaningless services that don’t effect your end result.

More Customers Guaranteed or you don’t pay a cent
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It doesn’t matter who, or what, your competitors bring with them to
lure people to their booth; with Welzman representing your company,
YOU WILL DOMINATE the trade show

Internationally recognized and awarded Welzman is the leading traffic stopping Magician & product pitchman for tradeshows in the Southern hemisphere.

Imagine this:

Twice every hour Welzman attracts huge crowds of customers to your booth, who then go on to hear a persuasive & entertaining product pitch about how your company will change their lives. From there the crowds are pre qualified so your sales team know whos who in each crowd.
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Watch the Video below

Details the strategy, Build the crowds, Communicating the message, pre-qualifying attendee’s in bulk and testimonials

Is your current trade show strategy getting the same results as my clients?
if not- it’s time to use a trade show magician

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Big Results

We are confident to deliver a R.O.I. for your trade show using Trade show magic

The Guarantee

How many Marketing companies are confident enough to have a 100% refund if the client did not get a R.O.I.?

Truth is- None. but we do.

Read my Guarantee twice. Let me make this clear

I will come to your event, create crowds around your booth
Educate them about your services/products.
I’ll introduce the sales team, and incorporate your company into the show
My Aim
is to generate more leads than the last time you exhibited at the same show
I’ll provide your stand with world class entertainment
After each performance I will have people coming into the stand to get more info.
I’ll pre-qualify customers so your sales team know who’s who in the crowd

If I fail to generate more leads than the last time you exhibited at the same show then you do not pay me.

That’s how confident I am that I can deliver a Trade show R.O.I. for your business using my Trade show Magician skills

Find out how other companies have increased their using the services of the Trade show magician

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Our strategy is the solution to your problems

Passive Marketing

Is why companies fail at trade shows

Most companies have a passive approach to trade show marketing. They set up their booth and sales people stand and wait for attendees to notice the signage in order to entice people to stop. A Passive strategy is what everyone else is doing. Effective marketing starts with standing out, not blending in to the background.
Your Trade Show Strategy needs to be proactive.

Trade Show Magician

Proactive Marketing

Not only differentiates your company- you also get better results

Hiring a trade show Infotainer is your new proactive approach to drive traffic in crowds to your stand. Once stopped and engaged at the booth- these attendee’s hear a persuasive product pitch that deals with their problems and how you are the solution to their needs. To connect the customers to the sales team- the Infotainer will then pre-qualify the crowds so your sales team knows who’s who in the crowd.

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