Using the lead generation form

Walk through of Using the Lead Generation Form
I realize that this video will be self explanatory since you have seen the actual lead generation for video in Video 1 above, however the important aspects are:

  • The 1 2 3 Rating system for post show priority follow-up
  • Finding out who the decision maker is
  • Finding out what products they want
  • Having a bit of info about the customer to make your follow-up more personalized and humanized



If you can Humanize the experience at your stand and humanize the post show follow-up you can effectively create a higher conversion rate- WHY? because most companies treat customers like a statistic and the customer feels like it- You have to genuinely care about the customer.

Other tips

Remember to:

  • Have each form set up so that you can fill out the form in front of the customer without losing the rhythm and without losing eye contact, so a simple stapler with each clip board and enough pens means you don’t have to turn your back and hunt around for a recording tool and potentially lose the customer
  • Forms should be fast to fill out- tick boxes and numbers are fast- writing paragraphs is not fast
  • At consumer shows most of the time they do not have business card and there is no electronic scanner so you may want a Do it themselves lead form. questionnaire- they fill it out themselves- normally you would want a competition to coincide with then filling out the form themselves as a motivator to do so- This works is you do not have enough sales staff to cover your stand (the ratio between sales staff and customers at your stand is not in your favor)
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